Visual Branding Influences: How You & Your Customers Experience Your Business

Part of my job as a creator of visual branding is to hold a space for entrepreneurs to step into a bigger vision of themselves and their businesses.

Time and again, I’ve witnessed how something as simple as a new, more sophisticated logo or website design can lift a client’s confidence and instantly expand what she believes is possible.

I’ve learned that when clients make choices from where they want to be instead of from where they are, they expand into that bigger vision of themselves.

They suddenly see more possibilities and grow to meet that vision.

Recently, I completed a new visual identity for a client whose business is really taking off.

From our first meeting, I watched her choose to invest in her business (and herself), and then witnessed her transform as she embraced the bolder, more professional image.

I think the process blew her away. It was a learning experience for me, as well.

It wasn’t about getting a more professional image; it was about embracing a bigger vision for her business.

I saw how my work empowered and encouraged her to step into the spotlight and play a bigger, bolder role as a business owner.

It was the same for me a couple of years ago when I paid a large sum of money to join my first mastermind. I had been following Christine Kane at Uplevel You for years, and knew she could help me take my business where I wanted to go.

Yes, it was a big financial investment. But more importantly, it was an investment in ME. I decided it was finally time I chose to invest in myself and my business. And to be honest, that was the scariest part.

Could I count on myself to follow through? Would I be able to play a bigger game and take ownership and responsibility?

These were the questions that made me want to throw up. This is what made my hands tremble as I handed over my credit card.

At that moment, I stepped in to a bigger version of myself. I told the universe, “Yes, I’m all in!”

And by creating a new image for my client’s business, I helped her believe that she was ready to launch her already successful business to a larger audience and allow for more possibilities. She was all in too.

This is the part of my job I love.

Working with entrepreneurs over the years has shown me that when people take ownership and invest in their brands, they are no longer willing to settle for playing small. They are ready to make an investment in themselves.

What about you? Are you still playing small with your brand? Are you ready to grow your audience, explore new possibilities in your business, and invest in yourself?

Let’s set up a time to talk, and we’ll discuss what’s possible for your visual branding, your business, and you.


  1. Michelle Knox says

    Thanks for the comment, Wendy! I loved working with you and can’t wait to watch you roll out your new look over the next few months.

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