Do You Know Your Visual Brand Style?

Visual Brand Style

I was traveling with a friend and business owner a few weeks ago and, like normally happens with my entrepreneurial friends, we were talking shop.

Anessa owns an art and nature sanctuary on a farm in Kentucky called Little Wing Hollow. Her vision for this retreat space is to give people a sacred space to relax and reconnect with nature in a way that heals both body and spirit.

She has been building on this vision through artist in residence programs, paddling adventures and more recently her Cowgirl Camps.

Our conversation turned to signage that she’s having created for the gate leading to her farm. When she contacted the sign company she sent them the hand-drawn artwork she had created that has since been used as a logo mark for Little Wing Hollow. She then told the sign artist to play with it and send her his ideas for the sign.

What he sent back, she said, was lovely but it didn’t hold true to the feel of where she is taking her little farm.

She decided to stick with her original woodblock artwork. It had the more rustic, handmade look she is after for her brand.

When you think about your business, your brand, what’s the feel you’re going for? What does that look like? Maybe create a Pinterest board with images that elicit this look and feel for you. This is one of the first steps my clients take when working with me to build their visual brand foundation.

Maybe you already have an idea of what you’re looking for and are having a hard time expressing it. Why not schedule a Try It On session with me? We’ll chat about your business and look at the brand visuals you’re currently using and talk through some ideas to get you closer to where you’d like to be.

What story is your visual branding telling your audience about your business?

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