Visual Brand Foundation

This is where it all begins. This is where we create the foundation for all of your visual branding moving forward and develop your businesses’ overall look, feel and signature style you’ll present to the world.

Your foundation includes:

○ Visual Brand Clarity Questionnaire

Before we move the first pixel, this tool will help you get very clear about what image you want your business to project.

○ Visual Brand Audit

I do a comprehensive review of your brand in its current incarnation, and make suggestions, ask questions, and get clear about the next step.

○ Mood Board

○ Custom Logo

– Color palette
– 4-color, reverse and 1-color versions
– Electronic files included

○ Style Board

Images, patterns & textures, color palette and typefaces arranged together to capture the overall mood and style of your new brand.

○ Business Card

(includes printing and delivery to get you started ­— 250 quantity*)

○ Letterhead or Courtesy Card, Envelope

(includes printing and delivery to get you started ­— 250 quantity*)

○ Visual Brand Graphics or Patterns

These graphic elements throughout your marketing materials as background or textures creating consistent look and feel. – Electronic files included.

○ Style Guide

Your must-have resource that includes your brand’s Pantone colors, typefaces, and correct logo usage. Keep this on file to use as a guide when developing future marketing materials.

○ Marketing & Brand Consulting

Up to three check-ins via phone call or Skype to gather feedback, answer questions or brainstorm ideas keeps us in touch and on track.

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Visual Brand Foundation
+ Website Design

Once your visual brand foundation is established you’ll be ready to launch your new look into the world. We’ll design a custom website incorporating your new visual brand elements to make sure you remain consistent online and continue to communicate your brand message.

○ Custom Homepage & Secondary Page Design

Built using the colors, typefaces and graphic elements from your Visual Brand Foundation, we’ll create a custom design that’s consistent with the overall look and feel of your brand. We know that your website is often the first place your future clients experience your brand.

○ Images for Your Site (Up to four stock photos that you may use throughout your website)

Beautiful imagery to match your visual branding.

○ Art Direction of Your Site Until Launch

We’re happy to work with you to help maintain visual brand consistency by offering art direction throughout the development of your site up until your site goes live.

*This package includes a homepage and secondary page design for your website. It does not include website development. We recommend developing your site on a WordPress platform and we have developers we work with on a regular basis and are happy to recommend them to you. We will art direct the project until your launch date making sure that the integrity of your new visual branding is maintained throughout your new site.

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Branding Intensive

Would you like to chat, brainstorm, and get to know each other a bit better before you invest in the whole ensemble? Here’s your opportunity to try on.

After you complete a questionnaire about where you are in your business and where you’d like to go, send me the marketing materials you’re currently using and a link to your current website. I’ll review them and give you feedback on what I think works and ideas on where you might make changes or expand.

This is an opportunity to pick my brain. You’ll leave with ideas for what to keep, what to toss, or what to add to your visual brand wardrobe. Use this information to move forward on your own, or enlist my help and we’ll work together.

If you make the decision to work with me within three months from your Branding Intensive session, I’ll take the price of “Branding Intensive” off of your total.

This is a 2 hour session @ $997.00 (You’ll find a link to make your payment on the following page).

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