Branding a Music Maker

One of my goals for 2019 is to do a better job sharing the work we’re creating for our clients. It’s easy to move from one project to the next without taking the time to celebrate and share.

Janet Feld is the owner and Chief Music Officer at Janet’s Planet – Music Lessons for Humanoids and she’s as much fun as her business name implies.

When Janet came to me about creating a look for her brand she was on the verge of taking her marketing and her business to a new level. More recently, after spending years on the road writing and performing, she had decided to focus on growing her business in a way that worked for the life she wants to create. One with less travel but still full of the music she loves.

Now Janet teaches guitar (both locally in her hometown of Boston and virtually to clients throughout the country), hosts music retreats, leads a children’s summer camp, and offers music themed travel excursions around the world.

After completing the brand clarity process I take my clients through, Janet had a pretty moving experience around owning who she is and how she wants to show up in the world. Often we make decisions based on what we think will be the most acceptable choice not on what truly lights us up and speaks to who we are.

Your visual branding should reflect you and what makes you unique. That’s what building a personal brand is all about and it’s what your ideal clients are going to be drawn to.

After embracing the mood board that truly spoke to Janet’s effervescent personality–and what makes her such a joy to be around–she was thrilled with the designs we created for her and is using them to market her business in a bigger way. We couldn’t be more happy for her and her continued growth.

What about you? Are you marketing authentically? Does your branding reflect who you are and how you want to be seen? If not, or maybe if you’re not sure, why not schedule a Try It On session here? I’ll take a look at your current branding and we’ll schedule an hour-and-a-half call to discuss tweaks you could make for a more cohesive look or brainstorm ideas around your marketing.

Or, leave a comment below and let me know how 2019 is going so far. I’d love to hear what you’re up to this quarter and any big goals you’ve set for the year.



Janet’s gorgeous brand photos were shot by Rupa Kapoor. You can check out more of Rupa’s work at

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